May 31, 2021, 4:00 PM
Vila Dalmacija



From Dance floor to Dalmacija!

It was December 2015, the Edinburgh Xmas Party. Kim had been at her new job for less than a month when this seemingly ‘new’ face had approached her on the dancefloor busting his best worm impression. Did he know who she was? More so, did she know who he was?! He’d been totally unrecognisable since he shaved off his beard for charity and now here he was, in all his bearded glory challenging her to a dance off!!


Safe to say he won that one, the perfect start to any romance. Sean hasn’t been able to recreate his victory since, mainly due to the pure refusal of a rematch. He’s smart this lad.


The path of true love never does run smooth, with onlookers wondering whether this twirling pair would ever really work out away from the disco. The “will they / won’t they” debate endured for 16 months before they finally became official in April 2017 and they haven’t looked back since.


Their lives would never be the same again. To date, Kim has successfully managed to drag Sean out of St. Albans, teach him a trick or two in the kitchen and even sorted out that god forsaken wardrobe of his!


As for Kim, with Sean by her side she soon realised that there’s more to life than warehouse rave ups every weekend, exercised that competitive streak of hers (even more so!), and has even pointed her in the wondrous direction of the Oxford English Dictionary.

The last few years have been phenomenal for this pair. In between trips to far flung places and building a home together, they’ve loved meeting and sharing great times with the important people in each other’s lives. They are thrilled to have so many of you celebrate their big day with them (or as they like to call it, “the dance off rematch” that Kim has been so desperate for).


A few words about our wonderful Bridesmaids...

chlöe o'malley


The Spare Room Legend

Kim first met Chlöe when she poached her from a group of girls at a speedflatmating event. Well, people say "poached", Kim prefers the term "saved". After spending three glorious years living together, they've been bezzie mates ever since. They even share matching tattoos!


Chlöe is known for her free spirit, her questionable Irish accent that only emerges after she's had a few, and the art of somehow remaining graceful when balancing a pint in one hand and a rollie in the other.

You can find Chlöe jumping around the dance floor waiting for The Cranberries to come on…look for the girl with the heart on her shoulder (as well as her sleeve).



... and now for the groomsmen


colin (jnr) moore

best man

The younger, taller

but balder

Sean has committed to being around for Col his entire life, even if Col hasn’t quite returned the favour, being 1.5 years off the beat! These two have been best mates and brothers for as long as either of them can remember. Like a modern-day Kray twins but without the crime. A misspent childhood dominating Pro Evo turned into an adulthood talking absolute nonsense on the football pitch.

Sean and CJ’s friendship groups just roll into one these days, across many nights of the three B’s; Beers, Baileys and Betting.


Colin is known for his shiny balding head, love of craps and setting a George Best session rate. You’ll find Colin at the bar with a Guinness in hand, pretending he’s annoyed when he’s being mugged off with a rum…a sambuca…a tequila… a (you get the point)






May 31, 2021, 4:00 PM – Jun 01, 2021, 3:00 AM
Vila Dalmacija,
Šetalište Ivana Meštrovića 43, 21000, Split, Croatia



Hosted by the bridal party and groomsmen themselves, please join us at Kim & Sean's villa for a chance to get know the other guests on the Saturday before the big day!
May 29, 2021, 1:00 PM
Villa GG,
Ul. Mažuranićeva 20, 21312, Podstrana, Croatia









The wedding venue is about 3km west of the center of Split (6 min by car).

The Bride-and-Groom-to-be will be staying in Podstrana with their bridal party and groomsmen, which is around 12km east of Split (25 min drive) or 30 mins from the venue. The families will also be staying in surrounding villas.

The option of staying in the center of Split or Podstrana is completely up to you. If you are travelling in a big group, then renting a villa in Podstrana will probably be the best option. Homeaway.co.uk have some good options. Space is cramped in the center of Split, but ideal if just travelling as a couple and want to be in the heart of it all. There are plenty of airbnb options.

Podstrana is a small picturesque town with long beaches and bars. The Meridien is the main hotel in the area and close to Kim and Sean's villa.


As explained, the wedding venue is very accessible from the center of Split and you will be expected to make your own way to the venue if you are staying in Split. If you are staying in Podstrana, a shuttle bus will be taking guests from the main villa to the wedding. You can book your seat here!


There are many airlines that fly to Split from many UK airports, please see a summary below:

Gatwick - Easyjet, Thomas Cook, Vueling & Smartwings

Heathrow - British Airways & Croatian Airlines

Luton - Wizzair & Easyjet

Stansted - Easyjet

Use Skyscanner for the best comparison site for flights. Some flights are available now, budget flights should be available from September.



As you are coming all this way to celebrate with us, your presence is the biggest gift of all, so please do not feel obliged to buy us anything. However, if you do feel inclined, then any donation to our honeymoon fund would be greatly received. Cash on the day is fine but for ease we have created a paylink below.


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